The Mobile Pet Grooming Salon

Groomurz Mobile Pet Grooming Salon Walk through

All of our mobile pet grooming salons are built on the Ford Transit 148 ext in silver. It comes with exterior graphics and a full built in interior.

Check out the Groomurz Mobile Pet Grooming Salon up close and personal.

Mobile pet grooming salon

The Graphics

Each mobile pet grooming salon comes with an exterior vinyl wrap that cloaks around the vehicle including the front and rear of salon.

Floor plan

Mobile Pet Grooming Salon Build Specifications


  • Plastic Interior
  • Sortimo Ford Transit high roof partition w/window
  • Water cover for heater
  • Water heater exo skeleton bracket
  • Driver side front window frame ring
  • Passenger side rear door window frame ring
  • Misc – hardware, sealent, rubber, connectors
  • 3 piece marine grade plywood floor with lonseal coin


  • Recover factory front headliner in vinyl


  • Havelock wool insulation
  • Thermozite insulation


  • Waterproof interior ceiling light (12)
  • Waterproof LED strip light (6)


  • High amp 51 volt charging system WS500 controller
  • Anderson Din connector and temperature, intervention sensor, 2/0 mariner cable out (2)
  • BMS 51 volt
  • Button
  • DOT required hazmat packaging material
  • Remote battery switch
  • Includes programming lithium charge settings (2)
  • Victron digital multi control panel (2)
  • Wakespeed WS500 Regulator ford transit
  • 48 volt isolated DC/DC converter
  • Misc electrical hardware, fuse, terminals, connectors, ECT
  • Waterproof 110 outlets (6)
  • Shore power
  • Shower power cord


  • Stealth Power – start & stop module, temperature & voltage monitoring system
  • Stealth Power – stealth intelligence (date collection module)
  • Stealth Power – stealth intelligence, monthly subscription


  • Furrion 48V roof top AC system
  • EZ start 364 soft starter
  • Maxxair fan (2)


  • 55 gallon fresh water tank
  • 55 gallon grey water tank
  • Sureflo water pump
  • Isotemp 20 gallon water heater
  • Coolant pump
  • Yellow Ford transit coolant
  • Water level sensor for fresh water
  • Water level sensor for grey water


  • wall mount pet grooming high pre-rinse faucet
  • Grey water tank vent mounted on roof


  • Cushion for fresh water tank box


  • Mini mule bag – soft overhead storage locker
  • Lower tool cabinet


  • Driver side forward front window
  • Passenger sliding door window
  • Driver side rear door window
  • Passenger side rear door window


  • Duradog premium electric stainless steel tub
  • Duradog electric x base table with organizer
  • Over tub bottle holder
  • Junior force dryer
  • Clipper vac skinny mini


  • Fresh water tank bracket
  • Grey water tank bracket
  • Battery under mount bracket (2)
  • Aviation track (4)
  • Fore air dryer bracket
  • Metal for mounting outlets (6)


  • Graphics
  • GFX Wheels & Continental VanContact A/S tires