Brooke – Industry Specialist / Groomer

Grooming has offered me an incredible career opportunity that combines my love for animals and working with my hands. Being a part of Groomurz has elevated my career to new heights. With Groomurz handling all aspects of creating their own assets, the organization remains authentic, creative, and closely connected to the industry. Every facet of the business is seamlessly integrated under one umbrella. The company possesses a clear vision, which we all contribute to with our unique talents. I have gained valuable knowledge and made significant contributions to Groomurz, leading to a deep admiration for our company.

Whether you are an experienced pet groomer or considering this craft as a career, Groomurz offers abundant opportunities. Our leadership is creative, proactive, and honest, fostering a progressive environment. Groomurz is an excellent choice for individuals who thrive in such an environment.

Please apply for positions regarding Pet Grooming

David – Salon Upfitter

At Groomurz, we specialize in upfitting and utilizing our own mobile salons. As an upfitter, we have the freedom to make ongoing improvements that enhance the groomer’s experience, resulting in salons with detailed features and enhanced functionality. Our salons are designed with climate control, ease of cleanability, serviceability, safety measures, ample space, and state-of-the-art grooming equipment and instruments.

My primary focus is to create the most efficient salon that minimizes stress for the animals and completes the grooming process as quickly as possible. We understand that as time goes on, animals can become tired and less willing to undergo grooming. Therefore, I am constantly seeking feedback from groomers to identify further improvements we can implement.

If you have a passion for building automotive solutions and enjoy working with a highly skilled team, Groomurz’s van division may have a position for you. Our salon builders are experts in various fields, including but not limited to welding, electrical work, plumbing, automotive mechanics, audio systems, HVAC, material usage (including plastic forming and fiberglass fabrication), CNC milling, and CAD/design. Groomurz excels in all aspects of first and second-stage manufacturing, making us the ideal choice in this craft.

Please apply for positions regarding Vehicle Upfitting

Eric – Software Engineer Manager

Groomurz Software Engineering is dedicated to achieving complete business integration. Our mission is to continuously enhance our software, ensuring it seamlessly aligns with our business models as an extension of our mobile salons and fixed assets. We prioritize a seamless and convenient customer experience while expanding our range of services and products. To achieve this, our software process flow must be intuitive for both our customers and groomers. Ensuring the security of all our users is of the utmost importance to us.

Please apply for positions regarding IT Positions & Software Development

Ashley – Business Development Manager

Groomurz offers a comprehensive platform solution that caters to both customers and groomers. Our Groomurz app serves as a CRM tool, converting downloads into sales. My mission is to build a team and develop new marketing funnels that drive increased customer downloads of our mobile app. As part of our business development objectives, we aim to identify and offer new services and products to enhance our customers' experience. Customer satisfaction and successful implementation of new products are the primary focus of our department.

Please apply for positions regarding Sales , Product Placement

Nathan – Social Media Manager

Groomurz ensures that its groomers have a strong social media presence in the areas where we provide services. We understand that providing grooming services can be challenging enough without the added pressure of capturing and posting the perfect picture. It may start off as fun, but it can quickly become a stressful obligation. That's why the Groomurz media department is here to help. We are seeking creative individuals who have a passion for content creation.

Please apply for positions regarding Media / Content Creation / Website / Digital Asset Creator

Brendan – Groomurz General Management

Ensuring that all the moving parts flow together smoothly requires effective management. This entails staying updated with all departments and providing them with the necessary day-to-day supplies and information to carry out their tasks. This includes restocking soaps, blades, cleaning supplies, etc. Additionally, it involves providing the van building crew with deadlines and critical updates.

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