The Mobile Pet Grooming Franchise

Why Groomers join Groomurz

Groomurz provides franchise owners a platform for success. With our time-saving convenience, it will maximize service providing potential because we all know time is money.

Discussing grooming services with customers can be confusing and cut into time groomers could be providing services.

Our platform provides Groomers with customer / pet profiles to ensure that pets receive the proper services and customers can select the desired soap’s and fragrances

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GPS Based

The mobile app uses GPS and algorithms to create the most efficient scheduling.

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Prime Accessibility

Our platform provides groomers with customer and pet profiles to ensure that pets receive the proper services.

Be your own boss

We keep our franchise owners off the leash to allow for freedom and faster growth.

Convenience at your fingertips

The Groomurz app provides time-saving convenience by having access to all the information to meet both the pet’s and groomers needs.

State of the art Mobile Salon & App

Now that mobile app based services have become more attractive to consumers, we forged to the head of the line not only with our custom designed Mobile Salon but with our supporting technology.

Owning your own franchise comes with additional perks.


Write off your mobile salon, the franchise fees, and gas every year.


No need for more than one phone! Your personal phone number is protected by the app.


Everything is programmed into the app, so there are no surprises as to what haircut or style your pet will be getting.

A unique business opportunity to capitalize on

Territory configurations are all generated by demand for services. The app monitors customers requests and determines whether the area is under serviced. While other platforms keep franchise owners on a leash, this unique business strategy allows for faster growth.

After years of research we kept hearing the same limiting challenges of “I can’t find or keep employees.” So we decided to make the change. We offer multiple money making opportunities for franchisees. Start by joining with your franchised account profile and continue growing as you establish other groomers.