Our Story

Meet the Groomurz Team

Our story of Groomurz is made up of highly creative and innovative individuals who are not only passionate about what they do, but who they are building for. As a team, we've put quality back into the pet grooming industry by giving the groomers freedom and relieving them of the struggles of owning their own business.

Brendan Kuhn

Founder & Product Developer

Eric Kim

Co Founder and Senior Software Engineer

Ashley Murgittroyd

Marketing Director

Nathan Choi

Lead Software Engineer


Industry Specialist

David Leese

Mechanical Specialist

Nathan Tecson

Social Media Manager

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Quality Service

From the products we use to the groomer vehicles, Groomurz ensures the top of the line service.

Guaranteed Business

We give the groomers the proper tools to become a a successful business owner.

Self-sufficient groomers

Groomurz maximizes the groomer's business potential by giving them the freedom to build their own clientele.

Interested in becoming a part of the Groomurz team?